Pylian H527 cordless water flosser review

Pylian H527 cordless water flosser review

Everyone should be brushing their teeth once in the morning and once at night for their own oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth has got smart with the use of electric toothbrushes and even smart toothbrushing like the PHYLIAN HH52007 WATER FLOSSER we have recently reviewed.


In addition to brushing your teeth, you are also advised to floss but some people find flossing a little difficult me included. I have an extreme gaging reflex meaning flossing is hard to do. In this review, we have been sent the Phylian water flosser for review to allow me to floss using water. Let’s see if Phylian has made flossing smart! 


Using a water flosser provides that added deep clean that regular use can help remove plaque building up between your teeth and on the gum line and this will also help reduce the risk of gingivitis. Flossing also helps with the overall cleaning and dislodges food stuck between your teeth, which reduces the number of bacteria.


The Phylian water flosser is a handheld water flosser that is run on electricity via a rechargeable battery that is charged by a USB charging cable. The water flosser comes with a 250ml water tank and comes with 4 water flosser tips that are useful for the whole family to have a tip each. You also get the USB charging cable and user manual and the flosser is available in either black or white.  The Phylian water flosser currently costs $56.99 with a 15% off using the code word at the bottom of this review. 



The Phylian water flosser is a cordless water flosser that comes with a detachable 250ml water tank on the bottom of the flosser. 

The top of the flosser has the controls and also the flossing tip that when placed on the top of the flosser locks in place with the use of the lock button. Under the lock button is the power button that also doubles up to change the pressure which has 5 levels of pressure. This is indicated by 5 LEDs to show you the level of intensity.

Under that power button is a mode button which provides allows you to adjust between the following modes: 

  • Normal
  • Pulse
  • Point

In addition to the LED to indicate the water intensity, there is also an LED which shows you the selected mode as well.

Moving to the rear of the device is a protective cover remove that and plug in the supplied USB cable into your USB port on your mains plug socket. Don’t have a USB socket you will need to buy an AC adapter. The Phylian water flosser is also IPX4 rated meaning once charged it will be safe and won’t cause any issues for the user.   

The water flosser also comes with 4 receptacle flossing tips which each come with a different coloured ring so you know which member of the family is using which tip.  


Once you have selected your flossing tip and have fully charged the device you need to fill up the water tank with warm water and then twist the tank back onto the bottom of the flosser handle. Then select the mode and intensity and you’re ready to start. 


The Phylian Water Flosser does take a bit of time to get used to both me and my wife have been using it over the last few weeks and it will take time to get used to it. 

When using the flosser make sure it’s used under a sink and leave your mouth open a little as the water will flow out. The first few times you will make a mess and it’s actually quite funny seeing the wife make such a mess by using the flosser water and seeing the water fly all over the place.  After a few uses, you will understand how to use the flosser and will notice your teeth will feel cleaner after a few uses. 

The only negative I found when using the Phylian water flosser is the water tank only has the capacity to do the outside of your teeth in one go to get a full clean you will need to refill the water tank and then do the inside of the teeth which can be a little time consuming but having clean teeth is worth the time is taken for clean teeth. If I was going to suggest an improvement I would recommend a larger water tank.  

Another negative is the level 5 pressure its very powerful and I can not understand why anyone would be able to handle that level of pressure. You will find a more suitable level of pressure is level 3 or 4 which will be suitable but this is on a user to user guide. 


The Phylian water flosser provides you with an alternative to standard flossing wire which might not be suitable for all. The product is well built and the fact you have 3 different modes and 5 levels of intensity can provide a solid part of your daily oral care. I like the fact you are also given 4 flossing tips which should be enough for most households. Size-wise it’s not too large and will fit in my case without taking up any room when travelling.

My only negative about the water flosser is the water tank could have been bigger and it will take a few attempts to master using the water flosser the first few goes might make your bathroom a little wetter than normal. 

Overall if you are looking for an additional method to clean your teeth this water flosser is a good alternative to standard flossing even if it is a little messy to start with. You will notice the water flosser will help dislodge any food stuck in your teeth which can only be a benefit.

 Considering the price at only $56.99 from phylian with an additional 15% off using the code: PHYLIANNEW15. If you’re looking to ramp up your oral hygiene it’s worth considering for sure. 


Design: 5 stars

Set Up: 5 stars

Performance: 4.5 stars

Value for Money:5 stars

Overall Rating:4.7 Stars             

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